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26 Responses to “TheWall”

  1. Nancy says:

    I am from Pa and meet some people that own O’B’s in Truckee, I typed in the name and got your blog. Can you tell me about the resturant.


  2. Arlene says:

    We only have two seasons here in the Pacific Northwest… wet & dry.

    Hi, Tom… Blast from the past. It’s me, Arlene. I rented you and Andy an apartment in Long Beach back in 1993 and was his girlfriend for a short stint… remember?

  3. Tom Bissell says:

    Hi Arlene!

    It’s great to hear from you, it’s been a long time eh? I responded to your email. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Stef says:


    I’m hoping you get this reply–I don’t know how these things work quite yet! Email me when you get this and if I don’t hear from you within a day I’ll do something else 🙂


    Love, stef (and baby)

  5. Tom says:

    Hiya Stef!

  6. Tab. says:

    Hey, we’re going to Drake’s this afternoon and I think you’d have a good time. It would be nice for you to get out of the house for a while. We can even pick you up…
    Let me know.

  7. debba says:

    found this on my myspace bulletin…..
    hiring myspace developers
    Body: i want to hire some more .net developers to work on myspace. do you have experience? here’s what i need:

    Required Skills/Experience:
    – 3+ years of solid C Sharp experience
    – 3+ years of ASP.NET (and the .NET 1.1 Framework) experience
    – 4+ years of experience developing with SQL Server 2000 (including stored procedures)
    – Strong knowledge of several protocols (including HTTP, TCP/IP, and UDP)
    – a solid foundation in n-tier, Business Objects, Design Patterns, and general OOP
    – Strong knowledge (and wisdom) of IIS6 and its internals
    – Experience on sites under heavy loads that require meticulous attention to coding practices as they relate to performance and scalability

    go here to upload a resume:
    myspace developers

    please dont upload anything about any other job at myspace. i’m only posting this to find .NET developers!

    oh yah, you’ve got to live in, or move to LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA! yeehaw!

  8. Chris says:

    My condolences on the death of your mother..we have something in common..my mom died suddenly on May 18th, 2006. It happened around noon. She hadn’t gone to work for three days and was just feeling weak. My brother made her eat a little something and helped her back into bed. As he was doing that, she lost consciousness ..it sounds like the same chaotic scene, 911, paramedicas..she died before she reached the hopsital. I had so much to say here but now I’m finding that the words won’t come…I’ll write again another time..crisangela@aol.com.

  9. Amy Bookout says:

    Hey Tom,
    Gosh, I am so embarrassed to read what you wrote! Am I that obvious??!! Your website is impressive! Write me…

  10. Tom says:

    Thanks Amy!

  11. Tab. says:

    You’re flaking, aren’t you? You’re not coming to Arnold and Kellie is expecting you…

  12. stefanie says:

    yep–forever you will be “tee”, she will be “deborah” and I will continue to wonder who this Debbie person is or who Tom is when I’m around people who know you both as “grown ups” and I will probably look just as wierd to those people when I use the other names. Oh, well…I live in Idaho now…there’s lots of wierd things about me now. Tee, I got email again finally–bandscoleman@netzero.net. I had the baby–a boy, born September 20th (mine and Bran’s 3 year anniversary–no joke) named Kenneth Bryan. He’s cool. He’s a tank–weighing in now at 10 pounds. Miss you surf cuz. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  13. stef says:

    Tee, I like seeing the smile on your face, the twinkle in your eye, and hearing your laughter–yes, even though I’m like 1000 miles away I can still see and hear those things. I miss you surf cuz! stef

  14. stef says:

    Tee, i have a blogger account “remember when” but I don’t know how to find out the address (I’m a loser at computers)

    My comment: Ah, the days of golf…do you remember when Uncle Hi and Paw-Paw and Uncle Cecil would talk about their golf games a lot when we were little and we never got what they were talking about and why they talked about it? I think you get it now 🙂 I like driving the cart–does that count?

  15. Tom says:

    Stef, your blog’s address is

  16. Janden says:

    Tom Give me a call

  17. mon says:

    oh my…joe? joe palma?
    hey jackass…thanks for calling this evening…it really has been way too long! thanks to miriam for making your damn ass call me…it won’t be as long next time…
    p.s. my kid likes turkey and ketchup, but i haven’t convinced him of the corn chips yet.

  18. Tom says:

    Turkey, ketchup, cornchip sandwiches
    Wine coolers made with Hansen’s soda and, uhm, wine

    Some things in life just can’t be beat

  19. Spec says:

    Hey Tom! Thanks for the game gifts! Awesome blog.

  20. Tom says:

    Any time, Spec! Hope you’re enjoying those games on Steam =)

  21. Debba says:


    you shoulda gone this weekend…we ended up camping in Summerdale because Wawona was full….interesting camping somewhere new…how are you and yum?

  22. Tom says:

    I heard. Dad says he had a good time. Yum and I missed you guys.

  23. kym says:

    Hey, have you been to the Scheels in Sparks yet? I heard it is HUGE, rockclimbing wall, restaurant…

  24. Tom says:

    Haven’t been there yet, but it sounds awesome. Our kind of place!

  25. Robert Price says:

    Hey jackass,
    Didn’t eealize you dumped FB. I guess your cynical paranoia was bigger than you ACTUAL presence

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