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Whirlwind Tour of Chico

I was in Chico for work last week. I took a tour of my old haunts. I left feeling nostalgic but out-of-sorts. Since graduating, and leaving, back in 2004, I have been back to Chico many times. Some things have changed, but most has stayed the same. I had lunch at my favorite diner downtown, […]

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What’s that ruckus?

I came home from work the other day and heard a cacophony of screeches and chirping in my back yard. My scrub jays were squawking like crazy. This usually means there is a hawk nearby. This time it wasn’t a hawk. The various hawks in the neighborhood (like Coopers, Red Tailed) are easily spooked. If […]

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Here’s breakfast while camping…wait…no, that’s not it…not camping…that’s my back yard. I love living here in Reno.

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