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Chronic back pain

Happy New Year! I have DDD! DDD means ‘Degenerative Disc Disease’. It’s not really a disease though. Degenerative discs in your spine are part of the natural aging process. I never thought I’d have it at 46. I’ve been dealing with some back pain for about the last 4 years. Each time I went to […]

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My favorite months end with -ber

Now that I live in the mountains I have experienced what other locals call “Local’s Summer”. After Labor Day Weekend all the tourists go home, go back to school, go back to work. And the mountains are quite empty, while the weather is still warm. So we get an uncrowded summer in September. As for […]

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Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake is about 20 minutes South of Lake Tahoe. When I went, there was nobody there. Granite? Yes. Tahoe Blue water? Almost. The road to get in and out of there is pretty bad. It reminds me a lot of the crappy little road down to Yosemite Creek campground or Kaiser Pass road […]

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