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Now that I live in the mountains I have experienced what other locals call “Local’s Summer”. After Labor Day Weekend all the tourists go home, go back to school, go back to work. And the mountains are quite empty, while the weather is still warm. So we get an uncrowded summer in September. As for Labor Day Weekend? Most of stay home.

In mid-September I start deer hunting with my buddies in California. For the last 15 years we have hunted opening weekend at Jimmy’s ranch. And it’s always 100+ degrees miserably hot. And then we do our big week-long hunt in late October in Trinity, where it’s usually cool. This year we flipped the script and did opening week in Trinity…and were rewarded with cool weather! Then we did the final weekend of the season in late October at the ranch…and got more cool weather! But not bucks though.

September on the Truckee River is glorious. The weather is still warm and the water temperatures have fallen, but not too much to prevent wet-wading. The fishing is still good, with plenty of evening hatches and dry fly fishing opportunities.

In early October we have Oktoberfest in most places. There is a nice German restaurant in Reno called Bavarian World that celebrates (usually the first Saturday in October). There you will find marzenbiers, oompa-loompa bands, chicken dancing, etc.

By mid-October the fall leaves are putting on their brilliant displays of red orange yellow green brown. This time of year I’m at Hope Valley every weekend.

In mid-to-late October I’m still fly fishing the Truckee River! I’m wearing my neoprene waders, though. And the dry fly fishing is pretty much over. I’m still catching fish!

In late October is Halloween, my favorite “holiday” when I was a kid for obvious reasons. As a young adult I enjoyed costume parties and bar hopping on the weekend before Halloween. Now that I’m an old man I turn out all the lights in the house and hide from the trick-or-treaters.

In November the weather is anyone’s guess. It could be warm Indian Summer or cold and snowing. It’s rather unpredictable. I could still be fly fishing, or have hung up my waders and gear for the winter. And perhaps I’ve done a short little turkey hunt the weekend before Thanksgiving. And then Thanksgiving feasts and family and friends!

December in Reno is cold, snowy, and beautiful. I love sitting by my kitchen window with a cup of coffee in the morning, watching it snow, fiddling on my iPad. And Xmas, while not the same without Mom, is still joyful.

So there you have it. Everything I love about the months that end with -ber. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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