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Cui Bono

‘Cui bono’ is a latin phrase that means “for whose benefit”. This phrase has guided me for my entire life. It must be something that you are born with because I certainly didn’t get this philosophy from two public school teacher parents or 20 years of public schooling.

Why? Why do you want me to do that? I’ve always questioned authority. This attitude got me in trouble more than a few times during my enlistment in the US Navy.

Today I’m overwhelmed with appeals to authority. Buy this, drink that, don’t do the things I tell you not to do.

Who benefits? Certainly not myself.

Kill your television.

Merry Xmas

I’m incredibly blessed. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. That is all.

Odysseus the scrub jay

Oddie shows up at my back door every day and demands peanuts. Most of the time he quickly flies over to some corner of my backyard to hide them in the dirt or grass, and finishes by placing a leaf or small rock on top of his cache.

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